Products - Hardware
Motorola PDA
The Motorola MC70 is a rugged, compact, lightweight TNT-based portable data terminal with standard wireless connectivity using WAN/LAN/PAN and Bluetooth. Key features include a color 1/4 VGA display, 1D Laser Scanner/2D Imager, Converged voice and data (Voice over LAN/WAN), User-accessible memory (SDIO) and Windows Mobile 5.0 OS. The MC70 is built to an industrial specification in terms of drop, temperature and sealing, giving industrial users and others in harsh operating environments the ultimate in durable connectivity.
TFT Screen
Gladius is a versatile POS Terminal that incopoprates a 12.1" or 15" TFT LCD touch screen, a pole display and a computer into one single device. Its is an ideal for space conservation purposes. It has standard PC connector ports for external devices.
Star Printer
The Star Micronics HSP7000 multifunction printer gives you the power of receipt and slip printing in one elegant solution. Ideal for banks, larger retailers, or any business that accepts checks or needs to print slips, the HSP7000 offers the features ideal for maximizing uptime.
Balance Scanner
Honeywell's Stratos 2400 premium five-sided, in-counter barcode scanner / scale increases productivity in demanding, high-volume seated and small checkout environments. The Stratos 2400 in-counter scanner offers pre-aligned optical-scanning modules and independent scanning planes which promote easy set up, lower maintenance costs and ensure continuous operation.
elo TFT
The 1522L 15" LCD desktop touchmonitor offers the same sleek design as the 1529L 15" LCD desktop model, but is more cost effective for the end user. The optional 3-track magnetic stripe reader (MSR), programmable to either HID or Keyboard Emulation (USB only), is easily installed by the user, providing an elegant, integrated solution and eliminating the need for external brackets or attachments. The 1522L also incorporates hidden cable management, resulting in a convenient, space saving design that makes the touchmonitor ideal for POS applications.
Cash Drawer
The 5E-415 is a particularly well-manufactured and secure cash drawer. It is intelligently subdivided with four banknote compartments and eight coin compartments. The 24volt 5E-415 is available in black and light grey and with a RJ11 interface which is compatible with most POS printers and POS terminals.
Epson Portable Printer
Robust, yet compact and lightweight, the thermal TM-P60 is battery-powered to offer your business complete mobility, flexibility and continuous operation. Unlike other wireless printers, the TM-P60 features a long-life 8 hour battery, easily recharged internally or by external charger. Uninterrupted performance is ensured by simply replacing batteries as necessary, rather than having to recharge the whole unit and incur downtime.
Motorola Handheld
This Motorola mobile computer was built to give you mobile access to your company's enterprise systems even when you're away from the office. Use it to scan barcodes, take pictures, call, or access the information stored in your company's systems any time you need it. It is as durable as it is functional, and it will be able to handle the rigors of day-to-day use.
Motorola WS 2000
The WS2000 Wireless Switch from Motorola Solutions is the first integrated wired and wireless networking solution, priced and designed to meet the needs of small to medium enterprises and branch offices—from retail stores, warehouses, coffee shops and restaurants to libraries, satellite offices and more.
Star TSP654 Printer
The Star TSP654 boasts valuable features like an auto-cutter, low cost and high performance combined with the ability to work effectively in any environment. Out of the box, the TSP654 can easily be configured in Star Line or ESC/POS emulation mode and features a wide variety of interface options including USB and Ethernet due to its plug-in modules. New vertical mount stand and splash proof cover options help make it one of the most reliable POS printers in the world.